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Bought With a Price

Separated from her family and sold into servanthood, Aviyah begins to question whether God cares for her anymore.

A strange mystery surrounds the ring given to her by her mother, and when someone from the past shows up, Aviyah does not know who to trust.

When a Stranger and an old prophetess try to help Aviyah, will she learn to hope again? Can she find her father and be reunited with her family, or will they forever be just a memory in her mind?

Status: Final Edits

Projected Publishing Date: Spring 2020

Berlin Dawn

With Germany on the brink of WWII, Irene’s family is falling apart. Her husband, Josef Gruber, a young Jewish doctor in Berlin, has walked away from the faith of his fathers, while her twins sons are being sucked into the Hitler Youth and the Nazis’ ideology.

When Josef becomes involved in the resistance movement against Hitler, the twins pose a real threat to their own parents.

Trapped inside the horrors of the Nazi regime, both Josef and Irene learn to forgive those who have wronged them, and they find that the power of Christ’s love can penetrate even the darkest of places.

Status: First Draft