About Amanda

Hi there! I’m Amanda – oldest daughter to two amazing parents, sister to six, and soon to be first-time auntie! 😊💗 I’m so grateful to be a child of God, and my greatest desire is to serve Him and trust Him more every day. 

I am so blessed to be able to work alongside my family, and my favorite times are times spent with them…whether it be singing together, helping out with my dad’s ministry, or loading up our van with fresh veggies to take to our local farmers’ market.

I am a writer, and ever since I can remember I’ve had a love for transferring the thoughts and ideas floating around in my head onto paper (or a computer screen 😉). Some of my favorite things to write are historical fiction and encouraging articles for young women. In my spare time I also clean houses, help out elderly ladies, and enjoy photography, baking, making music, and hanging out with my siblings.

A few of my favorite things are . . .

What are some of your passions/interests? Drop me a comment below – I would love to get to know you! 🙂